Chusid, Katz, and Sposato, LLP are trusted experts in the field of Insurance Law, offering legal services tailored to the unique needs of insurance companies and policyholders. With a deep understanding of the insurance industry and extensive experience in handling complex insurance matters, our dedicated team of attorneys provides comprehensive representation, resolving coverage disputes, interpreting policy language, and advocating for our clients’ rights. We are committed to delivering effective strategies, proactive guidance, and efficient resolution of insurance-related legal challenges to achieve optimal outcomes for our clients.

insurance dispute

Coverage Disputes

At Chusid, Katz, and Sposato, LLP, we specialize in handling insurance coverage disputes, representing both insurance companies and policyholders. With a comprehensive understanding of policy language and a meticulous approach to analyzing coverage issues, we provide strategic guidance and vigorous advocacy to resolve disputes and ensure our clients’ rights are protected.

Primary, Excess, and Reinsurance Litigation/ Arbitration

Our experienced attorneys are well-versed in primary, excess, and reinsurance litigation and arbitration. We offer our clients sophisticated representation in complex insurance disputes, diligently navigating the intricacies of policy interpretation, contract enforcement, and allocation of liability to achieve favorable outcomes.


Insurance Regulations

As experts in insurance law, we stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving landscape of insurance regulations. Our firm provides insightful guidance and compliance assistance to insurance companies, ensuring they navigate the intricate web of regulatory requirements and maintain compliance with applicable laws to protect their interests and reputation.
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