Real Estate

Chusid, Katz, and Sposato, LLP stand out as frontrunners in the field of Commercial and Residential Real Estate law, providing customized legal solutions designed to meet the distinct requirements of buyers, sellers, developers, and investors. With a wealth of experience in real estate transactions, leasing, financing, and development, our dedicated team of attorneys provides comprehensive representation and strategic guidance throughout every stage of the process. We are committed to protecting our clients’ interests, ensuring compliance with legal requirements, and achieving successful outcomes in even the most complex real estate matters.



At Chusid, Katz, and Sposato, LLP, we have a strong focus on real estate litigation, representing clients in disputes related to commercial and residential properties. With our in-depth understanding of real estate laws and litigation strategies, we provide assertive advocacy to protect our clients’ rights, resolve property-related conflicts, and achieve favorable outcomes in court.


Our experienced attorneys assist clients facing foreclosure proceedings, offering strategic advice and legal representation throughout the process. We navigate the complexities of foreclosure laws, negotiate with lenders, and explore alternatives to foreclosure, striving to protect our clients’ interests and help them find the best possible solution for their circumstances.



We provide comprehensive legal services to both landlords and tenants in commercial and residential lease matters. From lease negotiations and drafting to resolving disputes, eviction proceedings, and lease termination, our knowledgeable attorneys ensure that our clients’ rights are protected, lease agreements are fair, and conflicts are resolved efficiently and effectively.

Homeowner and Condominium Association: With a deep understanding of the legal intricacies surrounding homeowner and condominium association matters, we assist both associations and individual homeowners in addressing issues related to governance, disputes, enforcement of association rules, assessments, and compliance. Our attorneys work to safeguard the interests of our clients, promote harmonious community living, and resolve conflicts through effective negotiation or litigation when necessary.
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