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At Chusid, Katz, and Sposato, LLP, we understand the significance of legal expertise in the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of sports and entertainment. As lawyers specializing in Sports and Entertainment Law, we offer a comprehensive range of services to our clients across various industries. Our goal is to provide invaluable guidance and representation as we navigate the intricate landscape of this dynamic field.



Television is a key area where our legal expertise comes into play. We recognize the multitude of legal considerations involved in television production, including contract negotiations, rights acquisitions, licensing agreements, talent contracts, and compliance with industry regulations. Our role as Sports and Entertainment attorneys is to advise our clients on matters related to television programming, distribution, syndication, sponsorship, and advertising. We diligently navigate complex legal frameworks to protect our clients’ interests, ensuring compliance with intellectual property laws, content regulations, and contractual obligations.


Motion Pictures

In the realm of motion pictures, we guide our clients through the intricacies of the industry. Our services encompass contract negotiations, rights acquisitions, financing agreements, talent representation, distribution deals, and production issues. As legal professionals well-versed in intellectual property law, copyright protection, script clearance, guild agreements, and other film-related legal matters, we provide our clients with the guidance they need throughout the filmmaking process.


Sports Law is another significant aspect of our practice. We recognize the broad range of legal issues within the sports industry, including contract negotiations, player representation, sponsorships, endorsements, intellectual property protection, disciplinary actions, and league regulations. Working closely with athletes, sports organizations, teams, and leagues, our attorneys specializing in Sports Law address legal matters that arise in the fast-paced world of sports.
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NIL/Publicity Rights

With the evolution of name, image, and likeness (NIL) rights, athletes, entertainers, and public figures now have greater control over the commercial use of their persona. We assist our clients in navigating the complexities of NIL and publicity rights, providing guidance on endorsement deals, licensing agreements, merchandising, appearance agreements, and protecting their image and brand.

Deal Making/ Negotiation

Deal-making and negotiation are integral parts of the sports and entertainment industries, and our attorneys specialize in this area. Leveraging our legal expertise and business acumen, we negotiate and draft contracts, licensing agreements, distribution deals, and sponsorship arrangements that maximize our clients’ interests and protect their rights.


Outside Legal & Business Counsel

As trusted outside legal and business counsel, we provide comprehensive advice and strategic guidance to our clients. We offer support on a wide range of matters, including contract negotiations, intellectual property protection, dispute resolution, compliance, risk management, and overall business strategy.
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Crisis Management

In the sports and entertainment industries, crises can arise unexpectedly and have significant reputational and financial consequences. Our attorneys specializing in crisis management work proactively with clients to develop crisis response plans, handle media relations, mitigate risks, and navigate legal issues during high-stakes situations, such as scandals, accidents, or legal disputes.

Production Counsel

Production counsel plays a critical role in the entertainment industry, ensuring legal compliance throughout the production process. Attorneys in this role handle various legal matters, including contract negotiations, intellectual property rights, clearances, talent agreements, guild issues, and regulatory compliance, protecting the interests of production companies and talent.

Trademark & Brand

Trademark and brand protection are paramount in the sports and entertainment industries, and our attorneys proficient in this area provide counsel to clients. We conduct comprehensive trademark searches, file trademark applications, and enforce trademark rights against infringement. Additionally, we provide guidance on brand development, trademark licensing, co-branding agreements, and domain name disputes, effectively managing and protecting our clients’ brands.
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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (IP) is at the core of the sports and entertainment industries, and we assist our clients in safeguarding their creative works, inventions, and innovations. We advise on copyright protection, licensing agreements, trade secrets, patents, and technology transfers. Furthermore, we play a crucial role in enforcing IP rights and representing clients in infringement disputes and litigation.

Streaming Media/Social Media/Tech

The emergence of streaming media, social media, and technology platforms has transformed the landscape of the sports and entertainment industries. Our attorneys well-versed in this area of practice advise clients on legal issues surrounding content distribution, digital rights management, licensing agreements with streaming platforms, influencer marketing, privacy regulations, data protection, and terms of service. We navigate the evolving legal framework to help clients leverage the power of digital platforms while protecting their rights and mitigating risks.

Media Rights Clearances

Media rights clearances are essential for securing the necessary permissions and licenses for the use of copyrighted materials in various media productions. Our attorneys specializing in media rights clearances assist clients in obtaining licenses for music, film clips, photographs, archival footage, and other copyrighted materials. We ensure compliance with intellectual property laws and negotiate clearance agreements to avoid legal disputes and ensure smooth production processes.
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Fashion/ Modeling

Attorneys with expertise in the fashion and modeling industries provide legal counsel to fashion designers, models, modeling agencies, and fashion houses. We assist clients with contract negotiations, licensing agreements, intellectual property protection for fashion designs, image rights, talent representation, and compliance with industry regulations. Additionally, we handle disputes related to breach of contract, copyright infringement, and other legal issues specific to the fashion and modeling sectors.


Pre-Broadcast Review

Pre-broadcast review is a critical aspect of the sports and entertainment industries, and we specialize in this area. Working closely with production companies, broadcasters, and content creators, we review scripts, footage, advertisements, and other materials for potential legal issues. Our guidance encompasses defamation, privacy rights, intellectual property clearance, and regulatory compliance, minimizing the risk of legal disputes and reputational damage.

Litigation/ Dispute Resolution

Despite best efforts, disputes and legal challenges may arise in the sports and entertainment industries. Our attorneys experienced in litigation and dispute resolution represent clients in court proceedings, arbitrations, and negotiations to resolve conflicts. We handle a wide range of disputes, including breach of contract, copyright infringement, defamation claims, talent disputes, licensing disputes, and other complex legal issues. Our strategic advocacy aims to protect our clients’ rights and achieve favorable outcomes.

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